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Regenerative Medicine Conferences

Three Reasons why our Regenerative Medicine Conferences Prepare You Like No Other

If you want to offer regenerative medicine in your practice, Dr. David Singer offers the conference series to help you to make the transition fast and successful. If you already offer these services, this is where you can learn to blow the doors off your practice with more patients, better patient outcomes that are not subject to insurance approvals. Here’s the three reasons why this is the conference series for you.

Regenerative medicine conferences

Reason #1: After creating his own wildly successful practice, Dr. David Singer spent the next thirty years teaching other doctors how to bring in new patients while breaking free from insurance. He knows that success requires both inspiration and practical knowledge and he’s the master of both.

He knows exactly how to prepare you for a whole new way of practicing with regenerative medicine. You’ll learn just how to inspire your staff and then follow that inspiration with the scripts, skills and purpose that spell success.

Regenerative Cell Therapy Training

Reason #2: At our regenerative medicine conferences, you’ll get everything you need to convert your current business model to a cash-only practice offering this cutting edge program. Again, if you already have these services in your practice, you’ll find a treasure trove of tested, highly successful protocols, guidelines and training materials to get all your staff on board.

The wealth of valuable tools you receive in this series includes:

  • Regenerative cell therapy training to bring your staff up to speed so they can deliver these treatments
  • Regenerative medicine training for every person involved in delivering therapies
  • Instruction in an array of aesthetic procedures you can offer
  • Protocols for performing other regenerative treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  • Instruction on the benefits of mesenchymal stem cells and how they are administered

You’ll learn the full array of the skills you need including how to choose the right equipment, communicate effectively with both staff and patients, teach the appropriate skills and then supervise your new operation. While your staff deliver most of these treatments, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your patients are truly feeling better. As an added bonus, you’re freed up from needing to deliver every treatment yourself!

Building a Cash-Only Practice

Building a Cash-Only Practice

And now for Reason #3: Go home inspired, educated and ready to rock on the Monday morning after your Regenerative Medicine Conference. You’ll know what creates prospects that line up after workshops to demand your services and then show up in your practice ready for treatment. When you know that, you know without question how to build a cash practice.

This is what so many of our clients tell us right after they complete a weekending training conference: They start implementing Dr. Singer’s training as soon as they get home and then watch their cash income climb. That’s how our regenerative medicine conferences quickly pay for themselves, many times over.

See how it all comes together for doctors adding regenerative medicine to their practices. At the same time, learn how to free yourself from the hold insurance companies have on all MDs. Join one of our upcoming free, live webinars and discover the value that his regenerative medicine conferences can add to your practice.

You’ll soon see how regenerative medicine can create an entirely new future for your practice! Register now for Dr. Singer’s next webinar on creating an all-cash, regenerative medicine practice.

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Our Mission

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